Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 MLS Combine Invite: Calum Mallace


  1. This kid is really good, I watched him for a few years with the Chicago Fire PDL & Super 20's. He can run all day, never seems to get tired ! Below is a link to a pretty cool goal he scored for Marquette I found on the web.
    There are a lot more of his goals online including some pretty spectacular ones & free kicks. I think he could go far as he always seemed to be a step above the other players on the team and never seemed to get flustered or rushed on the ball.

  2. Your right, I watched some tape on him and he shown throughout his career to be able to lead an offence and score some great goals including direct free kicks.

    My only concern is the MLS tends not to give the right opportunities to this type of player so lets he gets a chance otherwise i can see him being a top player in the NASL or USL Pro leagues

  3. Looks like Mallace silenced any doubters with a silky display in the first combine game. He just strolled thru it! The commentators really liked him too and commented on the fact that he has been playing with an average college team in a tough league for 4 years and now he has the chance to play with good players, they will see what he can really do! Before the first game, looks like he was ranked 8th and 10th pick by two of the MLS guys and 17th by the third one. In my opinion, that's a little bit more realistic, but time will tell.

  4. I've heard very good opinions on him as well much greater than my original expectations it seems a lot of the pro scouts/coaches like his worth ethic which doesn't necessarily show up in the stats.