Monday, January 23, 2012

Vancouver Whitecaps 2012 MLS Draft Grade

2nd Pick: Darren Mattocks (ENB #1)

21st Pick: Chris Estridge (ENB #42)

Supplemental Draft
2nd Pick: Giener Garcia (ENB #47)

21st Pick: Greg Klazura (NR)
DF 5-10 150 1/27/1989

40th Pick: Andrew Fontein (ENB #75)
GK 6-1 180 3/3/1990

59th Pick: Mark Fetrow (NR)
DF 6-5 215 1/18/1990

Grade: Even though Vancouver drafted the number one prospect Darren Mattocks, the Whitecaps had a fairly disappointing draft. Mattocks should score goals at an MLS level and potentially gain a contract in Europe the question for the Whitecaps is how they are going to use him with a team full of forwards. Whitecaps spent the next two picks trying to fulfill a need at fullback drafting Chris Estridge and Giener Garcia, neither were highly regarded going into the draft but showed some consistent play during 2012 combine.  Well non-combine invitees Klazura, Fontein, Fetrow showed some promise during thier NCAA careers they fell off the draft map as other players showed greater potential during the 2011 season. D

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