Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chicago Fire 2012 MLS Draft Grade

9th pick: Austin Berry (ENB #11)

23rd pick: Lucky Mkosana (ENB #32)

28th pick: Hunter Jumper (ENB #23)

Supplemental Draft
9th Pick Evans Frimpong (ENB #33)

15th Pick: Karl Woszczynski (NR)
GK 6-5 210 4/18/1988

47th Pick: Tony Walls (ENB #57)
MF 5-11 185 1/16/1990 

66th Pick: Justin Chavez (ENB #73)

Grade: I rate Austin Berry highly and think he will be a starting Defender during the 2012 season. Fire also drafted 6 invitees to the MLS Combine and all 7 draft picks should have a shot to make the 2012 roster. Mkosana and Frimpong are both raw forwards and at this point it's difficult to tell if they will cut it at the pro-level. Overall not spectacular but a decent group B-

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