Thursday, January 19, 2012

New England Revolution 2012 MLS Draft Grade


3rd Pick: Kelyn Rowe (ENB #6)

22nd Pick: Tyler Polak (ENB #14)

Supplemental Draft
3rd Pick: Dawyne Smith (NR)
MF 3/7/1988 Jamaica

22nd Pick: Alec Purdie (ENB #77)

41st Pick: Kevin Garcia (NR)
DF 6-2 186 8/21/1990

60th Pick: Mich Roach (NR)
FW 6-0 180 11/18/1988

Grade: The Rev's were the only club to sign two Generation Adidas players although they could be the GA Players with the most questions going forward. Rowe a regular on the US Olympic team has a lot of talent although there is some concern how well someone of his size and skill set will project at a MLS level. Polak a traditional fullback with some talent although might be ranked as the least exciting GA of all-time. Both players could be out of the game once their GA contracts are complete. The Rev's had a very underwhelming Supplemental Draft in terms of drafting proven talent and I feel they wasted their 3rd pick overall on Dawyne Smith (NAIA All-American) when they could of probably got him in a later round. D

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