Friday, January 20, 2012

Portland Timbers 2012 MLS Draft Grade

8th Pick: Andrew Jean-Baptiste (ENB #5)

27th Pick: Brendan King (ENB #31)

Supplemental Draft
8th Pick: Ryan Kawulok (NR)
MF 6-2 185 12/29/1989

27th Pick: Miguel Ibarra (ENB #55)

46th Pick: Doug Herrick (ENB #97)
GK 6-3

65th Pick: Logan McDaniel (NR)
MF 5-10 160 1/26/1990

Grade: Jean-Baptiste was regarded as the top defender in the draft and was also listed as a GA so it was no surprise that Portland used their 8th pick on him. Brendan King was sort of under the radar during the seasons with a disappointing Notre Dame team although exceled during the Combine. Portland stayed on the West Coast during the Supplemental Draft both Ibarra and Herrick lead thier schools to the 2011 tournament although for a 2nd year club you hope they draft take more risks than staying just close to home. C

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