Friday, January 20, 2012

New York Red Bulls 2012 MLS Draft Grade

31st Pick: Ryan Meara (ENB #43)

Supplemental Draft
31st Pick: Mike Volk (NR)
DF 6-1 170 5/23/1989

50th Pick: Christian Barreiro (ENB #74)

69th Pick: Nate Polak (NR)
MF 9/5/1989

Grade: It could be argued with only 4 picks (1st being 31st overall) the Red Bulls didn't put much effort during the MLS Draft and their pick's sort of show that. Ryan Meara was ranked as my top goalie and should make the team as the back up goalkeeper. I don't expect any other of the picks to make the club. Although interesting on paper, Barreiro doesn't really have the size or strength to play in the MLS, Nate Polak doesn't have the same talent as his younger brother, well Mike Volk never showed he had the ability to play in the pros. D-

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