Monday, November 23, 2015

Steve Jones Scouting Report from "The Nowhere Men" and comparing basic data from Colchester United 2011-2012 season

I been reading the book - The Nowhere Men - The Unknown Story of Football's True Talent Spotters by Michael Calvin - A good book that I would recommend, that gives you a great insight on Football Scouting in England. It talks in chapter 6 about scouting a game for Colchester United so I thought I compare the report with basic statistics I produced for the club that season. I might take goal, assists and shot detail for the club that season to get more insight.

Steve Jones scouting analysis of Colchester United 2011-2012 starting eleven from English League One

Colchester United finished 10th with a 13-20-13 record

Non bold information taken directly from the books Chapter 6 - Mileage Men
Final 2011-2012 league one statistics with Colchester United from my data in Bold

1 Ben Williams Age: 29 Height: 183cm / 6’ 0"
Position: GK Rating: C Foot: Right
Not the biggest. Kicks well hands and floor. Comes for crosses. Wasn’t tested enough.
2011-2012            36 games, 3240 minutes, 1 yellow                                                

20 Brian Wilson Age: 28 Height: 178cm / 5’ 10"
Position: RB Rating: D Foot: Right
Didn’t want to join in. Stood off marker. Over-covered, and allowed play to get in behind him. Lacked pace. Weakest full back.
2011-2012            46 games, 4127 minutes, 3 assists, 5 shots on target, 5 yellows                 

4 Magnus Okuonghae Age: 26 Height: 189cm / 6’ 2"
Position: CH Right Side Rating: C Foot: Right
Big, strong, athletic. Competes well in the air. Good upper body strength. Strongest CH. Threat both boxes.
2011-2012            42 games, 3705 minutes, 4 shots on target, 8 yellows, 1 red                                       

18 Tom Eastman Age: 20 Height: 191cm / 6’ 3"
Position: CH Left side Rating: D Foot: Right
Weakest CH. Competes well in the air. Got pinned, rolled and moved about too easily. Lacks recovery pace. Threat both boxes.
2011-2012            25 games, 2157 minutes, 3 goals, 4 shots on target, 2 yellows                   

25 John White Age: 25 Height: 182cm / 6’ 0"
Position: LB Rating: C Foot: Left
Sat in rarely got on. Long throw final third. Got caught with pace down the side of him. Experienced at this level.
2011-2012            26 games, 1998 minutes, 3 shots on target, 1 yellow                              

16 Ian Henderson Age: 27 Height: 179cm / 5’ 10"
Position: RM Rating: D Foot: Right
Poor game. Didn’t get around marker. Played out/in. Can play better.
2011-2012            46 games, 3905 minutes, 9 goals, 3 assists, 35 shots on target, 8 yellows       

10 Kemal Izzet Age: 31 Height: 173cm / 5’ 8"
Position: Holding Mid Rating: C Foot: Right
Busy. Tenacious. Holder. Lacks presence. Moves the ball sideways.
2011-2012            34 games, 2421 minutes, 1 assist, 4 shots on target, 7 yellows                  

17 Martin Rowlands Age: 33 Height: 175cm / 5’ 9"
Position: CM attacking Rating: C Foot: Right
Experienced. Tenacious. Sees a pass. Patient. Disciplined in role.
2011-2012            9 games, 554 minutes, 2 goals, 1 assist, 2 shots on target, 1 yellow            

22 Anthony Wordsworth Age: 23 Height: 185cm / 6’ 1"
Position: LM Rating: C Foot: Left
Good size. Good range. Can be a threat if in the mood. Lacks pace. Plays out/in. Quite happy to play at this level. Good left foot.
2011-2012            44 games, 3863 minutes, 13 goals, 5 assists, 51 shots on target, 9 yellows      

9 Steven Gillespie Age: 26 Height: 175cm / 5’ 9"
Position: CF Rating: B Foot: Right
Good work ethic. Chased lost causes. Worked there [sic] back four. Gambles off well. Decent in the channels.
2011-2012            33 games, 1878 minutes, 11 goals, 5 assists, 28 shots on target, 6 yellows      

15 Kayode Odejayi Age: 30 Height: 190cm / 6’ 3"
Position: CF Rating: D Foot: Right
Target. Nothing sticks. Poor technically. Poor when back to goal. Strong, athletic. Lacks mobility.
2011-2012            43 games, 3118 minutes, 4 goals, 6 assists, 13 shots on target, 4 yellows       


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