Friday, January 20, 2012

Real Salt Lake 2012 MLS Draft Grade

17th Pick: Enzo Martinez (ENB #3)

24th Pick: Diogo de Almeida (ENB #49)

36th Pick: Sebastian Velasquez (NR)
MF 2/11/1991

Supplemental Draft
6th Pick: Andy Rose (ENB #44)
MF 6-2 170 2/13/1990 England

17th Pick: Emiliano Bonfigli (ENB #58)

36th Pick: Oliver Kupe (ENB #69)
FW 6-3 185 11/11/1989

55th Pick: Benjamin Ubierna (ENB #61)

Grade: With the 17th pick of the draft, Salt Lake was able to get Enzo Martinez ranked number #3 of my list. They also drafted 6 ranked players with their seven picks although potentially four including Martinez could be regarded as an international roster spot which makes it difficult all will make the club. Salt Lake also surprised many by drafting Sebastian Velasquez a player who quit high school to tryout for European base clubs but failed to gain a contract. Salt Lake might of had the most successful Supplemental Draft drafting four players who have shown the ability to play at an MLS level so the pre-season should be quite interesting. B

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