Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DC United 2012 MLS Draft Grade

7th Pick: Nick DeLeon (ENB #12)

Supplemental Draft
26th Pick: Lance Rozeboom (ENB #39)

45th Pick: Charles Rodriguez (ENB #17)

64th Pick: Matt Kuhn (ENB #93)
MF 5-11 10/23/1988

Grade: Nick DeLeon is an athletic talent but had a poor Combine and it could be argued the third best player on his 2011 Louisville team. It's a huge surprise how far Charles Rodriguez fell in the draft the defender was the team leader for National Champion Runner-up UNC Charlotte. Rozeboom was a leader for a undefeated New Mexcio team although its unsure that there is a position for him in the pro game. C- 

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