Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thinking EA Sports Must Be a Reader - FIFA 13 and my prospect list

Like many Soccer fans around the world I play EA Sports FIFA franchise and have for a number of years. Well playing the Career Manager component of the game I like to use my statistics in analyzing what players I should purchase and build my team around it. 

I understand FIFA is not judged on its player evaluation as other games in the market although I would say they have a decent idea of a players general skill level and in many cases have a comparison to the real players actual statistical performance. That being said since I don't work for them directly and access to my type of data is very difficult to attain my guess is these evaluation have been based on physical attributes oppose to statistical output. 

In the past this has given me great advantage well playing the game as I was able to buy players at a very low transfer cost despite there great potential in game and potentialy real in life. This is until FIFA 13 where interesting enough players who I listed in my 2011-2012 European League Review Prospect List

Again here is the list of the league reviews plus 2011-2012 top 10 prospect lists
Austria Bundesliga -
Belgium Pro League -
Belgium Division 2 -
Bulgaria Profesional A -
Croatia Prva HNL -
Czech Gambrinus Liga -
Danish Superligaen -
Dutch Eredivisie -
Dutch Eerste Divisie -
English Premier League -
English Championship -
English League One - 
English League Two -
English Conference -
French Ligue 1 -
French Ligue 2 -
German 1.Bundesliga -
German 2.Bundesliga -
German 3.liga -
Greece Super League -
Hungarian NB1 -
Israel Ha'Al -
Italian Serie A -
Italian Serie B -
Polish Ekstraklasa -
Portuguese Superliga -
Romania Liga I -
Russian Premier League -
Scottish Premier League -
Scottish 1st Division - 
Serbian Superliga
Spanish La Liga
Spanish Segunda -
Swiss Super League -
Turkish Super Lig -
Ukraine Premier League -

I have noticed that now players from my list especially from lesser known leagues have large transfer values to start and if you play the career game for a number of seasons these players become the top players in the game. I'm currently using Nottingham Forest (World Class) on manager mode fast forwarding through the calender  Right now its season 2015-2016 and I just won the Premier League. All my players are rated in the 80's and the club is 5 stars (I think the team was two and half stars at start)

My current starting XI (4-3-3)
GK: Yann Sommer -

Most of these players were purchased by selling off other prospect players I purchased earlier in the game from my list above at higher transfer fees then I paid or trades plus the investment of my chairman :)

The reason these players are on my prospect list is I do feel they are great talents and could become the stars of the future and I also have no official proof that EA Sports are using my work in their analysis. Although interesting enough leagues that I have yet to release my evaluation - Korea, Sweden, Norway, and even MLS and Brazil are actually quite off from my current analysis. I will post my lists for these leagues once the current 2012 season is complete.

I'm sure in someways this is a complement and if it's taking a while to have an effect on the real game at least someone is seeing value in the statistics. So I ask EA Sports if you are reading my work to contact me because I'm sure I can provide a number of ideas to make FIFA 14 not only more realistic but very cool to play. 

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