Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2011-2012 Mexico Primera Apertura y Clausura Season Review

Mexican Primera included a very competitive Apertura with only 12 points separating 1st from 16th well in the Clausura Santos Laguna showed they were the top club in Mexico this season. 3rd place UNAL Tigres won the Apertura Championship with a playoff final victory over 4th place Santos Laguna. Well in the Clausura Santos Laguna won the league by four points and remained undefeated in the playoffs to win the championship. Although the biggest story in 2011-2012 for Mexican Football was winning the the gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics led by prospects Nestor Araujo and the leagues top prospect Marco Fabian. The Olympic team included seventeen players who play professionally in Mexico although  many of these players were overshadowed prior to the Olympics by more established South American born teammates.  

Complete 2011-2012 League Standings

Top Individual Player's Statistics for League based on Minutes Played

Other Statistical Leaders
Goals: Alonso (Tol) 25, Benitez (Ame) 22, Peralta (San) 19, Rey (Chi) 16.
Headed Goals: Martinez (Chi) 4, Sand (Tij) 4, Perea (CA) 4, 6 players with 3.
Free Kick Goals: Andrade (Chi) 3, Montenegro (Ame) 3, Cortes (UNAM) 3, 5 players with 2.
Goals Outside Box: Montenegro (Ame) 5, Alonso (Tol) 5, Andrade (Chi) 5, 6 players with 4.
Assists: Cejas (Pac) 10, Suazo (Mon) 10, 4 players with 9.
Shots on Target: Benitez (Ame) 67, Alonso (Tol) 62, J Martinez (Chi) 49, O Martinez (Atl) 47
Game Winners: Sabah (Mor) 7, 4 players with 6.
Fouls Committed: Torres (UANL) 58, Molina (Ame) 56, Peralta (San) 54, Chiapas (SL) 53.
Yellow Cards: Sambueza (Est) 13, 4 players with 12.
Red Cards: Martinez (Chi) 4, 4 players with 3.

2011-2012 Top 10 Players based on Statistical Output & Long Term Player Value

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