Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 Copa Libertadores Final - Santos vs Penarol

  • Santos finished 8th in the 2010 Brazil SerieA with a 15-11-12 record and 6-6-1 so far in Libertadors
  • Santos goalie Rafael Cabral has played in all 13 2011 Copa Libertadores games with 0.92 GAVG and an .774 save percentage
  • Edu Dracena played with Fenerbahce from 2006-2009 scoring 5 goals in 72 games before returning to captain Santos
  • Santos Keirrison was once top prospect in Brazil but failed to impress at Benfica & Fiorentina 2 goals in 10 games mostly off the bench
  • Santos team includes Rodrigo Possebon who played three EPL games with Manchester United before returning to Brazil MUFC
  • Throughout his career with Santos Shakhtar MCFC Galatasaray Elano has scored 62 goals 13 via direct free kick and 25 outside the box
  • Elano has scored three times during the 2011 Copa Libertadores with Santos all outside the box and two via direct free kicks.
  • ZeEduardo scored 10 goals on 29 shots in 27 games during 2010 Brazil SerieA season only has 1 goal in 12 games during the Libertadors
  • Neymar of Santos in the 2011 Copa Libertadores he has scored 5 goals and has 3 assists in 12 games
  • Neymar of Santos finished the 2010 Brazil SerieA season finished with 17 goals on 54 shots and 11 assists

  • Penarol finished 3rd in the 2010-2011 Uruguay Primera with a 15-7-8 record and 6-2-5 so far in the 2011 Libertadores
  • Penarol has the third most Copa Libertadores victories with 5 although the last victory was in 1987
  • Penarol has played in the most Copa Libertadores semi-finals with 14 winning 10 of them
  • Penarol's Jonathan Urretavizcaya is on loan from Benfica in Portugal where he only played 433 first team minutes over last two seasons
  • Juan Olivera has become one of Penarol biggest offencive threat after spending time in Korea, China, and Saudi Arabia
  • Luis Aguiar is on loan with Penarol after playing in Europe since 2007 with clubs Sporting Braga and Dinamo Moscow
  • Alejandro Martinuccio scored 6 goals and 5 assists in Uruguay Primera and has also had 2 goals 3 assists during the 2011 Libertadores
  • Diego Alonso Penarol leading scorer with 11 goals during 2010-2011 Uruguay Primera but has only played 47 minutes in 2011 Libertadores
  • Penarol Antonio Pacheco led the 2010-2011 Uruguay Primera with 14 assists. He also scored 6 goals on 24 shots on target

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