Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays - My Gift: 20 years of the English Premier League

2012 should go down as a significant year in Statistical Information and Analysis when it comes to football. Personally my blog attained over 120,000 unique viewers in the last year and I feel that this is just an example of the developing interest in this type of work.

2013 looks to be equally exciting with a number projects in the works that I feel will continue to show the value of statistics in football when it comes to player development, recruitment, as well as creating a better understanding of the game.

One of my most successful project in 2012 was my statistical abstract "20 Years of the English Premier League - A Statistical and Informational Account" which achieved over 20,000 downloads. For those who haven't downloaded this 581 page book can for download for free below as well feel free to share with others (makes a great last second Christmas gift :) )

I thank all my readers and I enjoy the communications and feedback on my twitter account @ENBSports. I wish you all a Happy Holidays and hopes for a very successful 2013.



20 Years of the English Premier League - A Statistical and Informational Account by Aaron Nielsen - 581 pages - includes complete statistical data of all seasons, clubs, players, goalkeepers and managers since the league began in 1992

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PDF: Download Here
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