Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 MLS Player Profiles with Career Statistics

Growing up in a North American sports culture, baseball cards were my first introduction to sports statistics, on the back of a photo of the player you would get a profile that included the player's career statistics. Not sure how popular sports cards are today but with the added technology of youtube I thought it would be neat to do a similar project with MLS players although instead of a photo, a video.

So over the last month I been posting player profile for current MLS players who should play a role in the upcoming season and luckily I was able to finish a couple of days before the 2013 season begins. Players not listed either played insignificant minutes or do not have a good video of themselves available. I also did not add goalkeepers which I might do at a later moment or 2013 drafted players, although most of these drafted players profiles are available on my blog. As players are added to the league throughout the season I do plan to add their profiles to the list.

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