Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012-2013 European Football/Soccer 50 Breakthrough Players

Continuing my work in proving that statistical analysis is a useful tool in player evaluation I thought it be interesting to look at these leagues 1/3 way through the 2012-2013 season and based on statistical performance and potential value showcase 50 players who I believe are having a Breakthrough performance. 

So far I've been quite pleased with the results of my previous work in this field.My 2011-2012 European Football Prospect Lists -, have shown their value so far including scoring 87 goals in this season UEFA Champions League. I'm hoping that this new group of players will do the same although dealing with such a limited amount of data at this point its hard to tell if these players are capable of maintaining their current output long term.   

This data includes live 2012-2013 statistics in its analysis, so each player analysis, depending on the league, is based on 10 to 18 games played. Using this limited data in comparison to a complete season means defenders and goalkeepers are under represented in the list, so I may create an alternative list specific to these positions. I may also update this list mid-way and 2/3 through the current season and final grade all players through my top 10 prospect lists for all leagues once the current season is complete. 

Enjoy the work and feel free in passing along your views and opinions via my twitter account at

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